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In 2005 I was in the wine cellar with a friend, tinkering around with some new wine that we sourced from some rugged, volcanic vineyards in the Red Hills of Lake County, California. We were reminiscing about our fathers, and it reminded me of how my Dad used to tinker around the garage, rebuilding old stock cars with his friends. That rich, approachable wine that we tried back then defines the style and quality that we try to replicate in each vintage. Wines that are bold and expressive, but unassuming and approachable. Funny how it reminds me of someone. My Dad’s name was Joseph, as is mine, but his friends Just called him Josh.

– Joseph Carr, Founder & Son

California, Central Coast, North Coast, Paso Robles
Year Founded
Wayne Donaldson

With The Deutsch Family
Since 2011
Key Selling Point
Big, bold and unforgettable, like my dad, Josh.

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