Gray Whale Gin

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Every year, the California Gray Whale makes a 12,000-mile migration from the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula to the cool waters of the Arctic.  Our small batch gin is a celebration of this incredible journey.

Gray Whale Gin, distilled in Sebastopol just north of San Francisco, is handcrafted with botanicals foraged along the California Coast – the same coastline that parallels the annual Gray Whale migration path for the last 30 million years. It’s distilled with these unique botanicals, which include juniper, limes, fir, kombu sea kelp, mint, and almonds, creating a uniquely refreshing taste with a smooth, creamy finish.  Gray Whale gin is a multi-award-winning sipping quality gin that truly allows you to taste your way along the Pacific Coastline.

At Gray Whale Gin, we believe a lovingly handcrafted spirit brings people together for good times and connection, and while celebrating life, we can also do a little good in the world. It’s a simple belief that the founders, Marsh and Jan, came to during a camping trip at Big Sur.  They were humbled by California’s stunning beauty, appreciating the opportunity to breathe in the air and freshness of that rocky coast, surrounded by ancient trees, and the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean. Gazing beyond McWay Falls and the turquoise waters, they witnessed a Gray Whale and its calf on their own road trip up North – an annual journey that Gray Whales have been making for millions of years, long before people settled along the coast of California.  Marsh and Jan, avid gin lovers, distilled their own gin in celebration of this incredible journey made by some of the world’s most majestic mammals.

We hope you enjoy Gray Whale Gin as much as we do.

1% of Gray Whale Gin proceeds are donated to Oceana to protect, preserve and restore the world’s oceans and marine life.


Marsh and Jan Mokhtari met in Chicago in 1999. Marsh is a food & adventure TV show host on the Food Network, National Geographic, and the Travel Channel. Jan is an award-winning creative director and filmmaker. In 2016, they combined their talents, affection of California and love for good gin to establish the Golden State Distillery – a distillery that supports the Golden State through nature and wildlife conservation.


The GMO-free, gluten-free base-spirit is six-times distilled from corn. The resulting ultra clean distillate provides the perfect blank canvas for the locally sourced botanicals to truly shine. Six Californian hand-foraged botanicals in harmony with traditional botanicals come together in a one-shot London dry gin that truly allows you to taste your way along the migratory path of the Gray Whale, from the warm lagoons of Baja California to the cool waters of the Arctic. The Gray Whale Gin is 43% abv/ 86 proof.

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