Forbes includes Gray Whale in a feature article highlighting the brand and the story behind it.

On a camping trip in Big Sur in 2016, Jan and Marsh Mokhtari witnessed a Gray Whale and her calf swimming along the California coast on their 12,000-mile annual migratory journey. The couple had been discussing a legacy project, and inspired by the beauty of these magnificent mammals, they created Gray Whale Gin. Its distinctive aqua blue bottle is the color of the sea, with a whale tail logo that includes an image of the California coastline and a list of the gin’s botanicals, all of which are sourced from the Gray Whale’s migratory path.

While Gray Whale was originally available only in its home state of California, today it is sold in 17 states (California, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia), thanks to a 2019 partnership with Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. Gray Whale is the first gin in DFWS portfolio, which also includes Luksusowa Vodka, Bib & Tucker Bourbon, Masterson’s Rye, and Redemption Whiskey. While production in 2019 was around 24,000 bottles, Deutsch has increased scale and national market penetration in three waves, and it will be in 17 markets within the coming months. Suggested retail is $40. In a press release, DFWS president Tom Steffanci stated, “We believe there’s significant opportunity to grow Gray Whale as we move to national distribution.”


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