Parade includes Fleurs de Prairie in an article highlighting the best rosé wine selections for summer.

Rosé and summer go hand in hand. Warm weather, lazy beach days and fiery sunsets call for a glass of the pink, but with countless varietals and eye-catching bottles being released each year, it’s hard to know which ones to buy.

That’s why we did the hard part for you and narrowed down the list to these very drinkable—and Instagrammable—rosé wines and champagnes. Get ready to break out the ice bucket and toast to the start of #roséallday season (along with International Rosé Day on June 13), because if there’s one thing you want to sip on the porch, by the pool, or on a roof somewhere in the middle of summer, it’s rosé.

Fleurs de Prairie ($20): One of those wines that gets it right—from the very first sip. “Fleurs de Prairie” means “Wildflowers” in French and we’re wild for it, thanks to its bright, refreshing acidity. The grapes are sourced from select Provençal vineyards, with ideal growing conditions, and the result is delightfully fresh.


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